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John - Guitar Vocals

At the age of 5, John got his first taste of rock & roll from a transistor radio placed under his pillow at night by his parents to lull him to sleep with classical music. Switching the station from classical music to a local rock station, the love of a distorted guitar and screaming vocals was born.At the age of 12, he and a few friends started a garage band. He played guitar with Matt on drums. They jammed to Def Leopard and wrote their own cheesy punk songs. Eventually, the garage band evolved into Cheap Thrills, a hard rock band, playing many shows through the 80’s and 90’s. In 1990, Cheap Thrills released its album “The Cheaper The Better”.As with most things, life interrupted. The band reformed in 2012 as the cover band, Wicked Addiction. With changes in the Wicked Addiction line-up, Christian, John and Matt decided to move to original music. Thus, in 2019, Tretura was born with John on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.John’s musical influences range from Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Dio, Aldo Nova, Dokken, Joe Satriani and George Lynch.