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Listening to Journey and Def Leppard, Matthew grew to love the beat of the drums. At the age of 12, Matthew drove his parents crazy by daily asking for drums. His parents told him if he could restrain from asking again for 30 days, they would buy him a drum set. He circled the date on his calendar and waited. On the 31st day, he reminded his parents of the deal. A used red sparkle 3-piece drum set was purchased; and he was in business. In 8th grade, Matthew, John Leewright and other friends formed Vandoo, a punk rock band. In high school, Vandoo morphed into the hard rocking band Rock Brigade. After high school and a few lineup changes, Cheap Thrills was born. In 1991, Cheap Thrills recorded and released “The Cheaper the Better”, its only album. Two songs from this album, Little Miss Innocent and From Me to You, have been re-worked and are in Tretura’s play list. Matthew left Cheap Thrills in 1993. With the influences of Queensryche and Dream Theatre, he formed Fortune’s Fool, a progressive metal band. Fortune’s Fool released an EP, “Now is the Time”. In 1995, Fortune’s Fool disbanded. Matthew played in several bands from 1995 through 2019 when Tretura was formed.

Matthew’s musical influences throughout his life include: Journey, Def Leppard, Rush, Yes, Megadeth, Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Avenged Sevenfold.