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David Cole

David Cole 58 “I’m just the bass player.”

Dave’s earliest music experience began when he was around 9, listening to local radio stations and 8-track tapes in his parent’s car. By age 12 inspirations of classic pop and rock directly contributed to his first Columbia House order for which he is still a fugitive.

His high school brought the headbanger crowd, MTV, and the heavy influence of English metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest, and Saxon.

Dave didn’t begin playing until later in life when he was gifted a bass at age 35. After some beginner books, musical instruction, and a few rocky starts he began casually playing with friends on a few local music projects.

After the loss of equipment and a few interrupted resets he was gifted another bass to continue his music journey. With greater access to online resources, he took a more structured approach to learning and began self-study of music theory, along with various artists and playing styles.

In 2020 he was contacted by Matt though a local musician classified site. After a couple of sessions, he was invited to bring the thunder and round out the Tretuta’s rhythm section.

The growing list of Dave’s influences include Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, Ian Hill, Dave Ellefson, John DeServio, and James Lomenzo.