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Brandon B

Brandon Barnett – 38

Was Born in moore Oklahoma on Dec 27, 1984. He is very close with his parents and one sibling who are still living in Oklahoma.

Brandon is currently married to his beautiful wife Lindsey and they have 4 children. (Lexy, Caleb, Kayden and Kamden)

Brandon has lived in Oklahoma the majority of his life, with a small gap in early 2011 when he moved to Reno for a short time. After returning to Oklahoma and settling down, he continues to maintain residence in state.

As a front man Brandon has dawned the mic for several successful bands such as; Audio, Off The Edge, FILDIO, The Night Shifts & his newest exciting adventure the Band “Tretura”!

During his career as an entertainer Brandon has collaborated with multiple artists, highlighting Evan Philips and the outsiders, N2U, Cody Smith, Dave Gusto, Shane Diego, Brian Hiddleston as a few of his favorites.

Native to Oklahoma Brandon and his family are OSU fans and he loves OSU sports. He loves all genres of music and his favorite phrase is “if music can’t fix it, you aren’t listening to the right song”.

Brandon currently owns a Live Music Venue locally in Oklahoma in addition to his Label, The Sound of Art Productions (a full production studio and artistic management company).

Brandon enjoys all kinds of music and loves working with other artists and meeting new people. As the co-founder of the Starving Artist Foundation (an organization that puts musical instruments in the hands of folks that wouldn’t be able to purchase them without our assistance) he reminds us what an impact music has on everyone, “It brings joy to my heart to give back this way… music is a universal love language, it heals people, I’m in the business of healing people”